How to Add Google AdSense Verification Code in Blog? Step By Step Guide

In this article i am going to show you step by step how you can add HTML Code or Google AdSense Verification code in your blog. Almost all bloggers who are new in blogging they all face issue while adding verification code in blog. Some new blogger ask when they paste HTML Code/Verification code in <Head> code got changed automatically.

let's start with the article how we can add verification code in blog step by step with screenshot for your references. If you are new in blog and facing same kind of issue like you are not able to add verification code in blog then follow the steps mentioned below will help to fix your issue.

First of all we have to generate verification code/HTML code from Google AdSense. Follow below steps to generate code.

1. Login to your Google AdSense code with your email id and password and click on sites on left side in Google AdSense and click on add sites as showing in below screenshot.

2. Once you click on add site you have to paste your blog URL/Your custom domain name as showing in below screenshot.

3. once you click on next it will show you a HTML Google AdSnese verification code we have to paste it in <head> and </head> tag. It also helps to Google AdSnese to show our owner ship in domain name. So Copy below mention code as shwoing in below screenshot.

4. Now open and sign in with your email id and password. select your blog and select Theme option in side menu and click on edit theme as showing in below screenshot.

5. After open edit HTML select <head> tag press enter and paste code which we copied from Google AdSnese as showing in below screenshot and click on save theme.

6. Here is point which i want to discuss some people said after pasting HTML code/ Script when they open again edit theme they are able to see that script/html code changed automatically. But you don't want to be very about this. This happens actually after save HTML code/Script it shows like this as showing gin below screenshot.

 That's it.! Now you will get a notification that Google AdSense will review your application if it meats with all Google AdSense polices then you will get a congratulations email from Google AdSense that now your blog has been approved to show ads on blog. Enjoy your blog.!

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  1. Hi! So in the first step after logging in with my mail there should be sites in the left hand side of the adsense but in my adsense it shows "We are working on setting you up.
    Heres what i did in my adsense so far:
    The third step after pasting the ad code in html (which was sent to me via email) was to confirm that you pasted it.(I dont know whether theres even a button or not but if it was successful i would have gotten to the next steps right? ) There was nothing after I pasted the code. At first there was the error which the blog is about (widget setting id not valid and all), so I removed the adsense gadget from layout. I removed the adsense gadget which was built in and then pasted the code and html code was updated successfully. But after that when i added the adsense gadget in the layout, theres an error saying please remove the errors in the form.
    In my earnings there is an option control how ads are shown on your blog. Before i could select how the ads are going to look but now the option keeps turning off saying that updating your ad settings failed.
    In my adsense home page there's only " we are working on setting you up.
    I got an email from adsense saying activate your account.
    What should I do? Help!

    1. Hello Anshuka Bangal sorry for late reply i hope everything got fixed...if you nee any kind of help please open this link and contact with me directly i'll help you out to setting your blog :

    2. Hello sir please u help help google adsense when will it be approved please guide me what is my app i got this miss

  2. plz solve my problem The widget settings in widget with id AdSense1 is not valid. An internal error occurred. Please try again. ye araha hai please help me


    Please check my blog