Why I Can't Add My Blog to Google AdSence Sites? URL Can't Be Added As a Site Issue

Hello Friends.! In now days this is a question by all new bloggers and same question is asked by my new subscribers and friends that they are going to get approval for AdSense for blog but they are not able to add blog/website in sites in Goolge AdSense they are getting error "URL Can't Be Added As a Site Issue Dismiss"

In this blog post i am going to clear why you are getting "URL Can't Be Added As a Site Issue Dismiss" error while adding new blog/website in site in Google AdSense. Without wasting time lets come on my Goolge AdSense account.

1. Open Google AdSense > Click on Sites > Under left side menu bar as showing in  below screenshot.

2. Once you click on site it will show you your already added site in Google AdSense and click on add sites as showing in below screenshot.

3. Now it will ask you to "Let's start with your website" and paste your blog URL here as showing in below screenshot and click on next. It will show you same error which we are discussing in this blog post.

Note: Many people ask a question "can we get AdSense approval on blogspot.com". The answer is yes you can get approval from Google AdSense to show ads on blogspot.com.

 4. Now what about this error "URl can't be added as a site" Click on Help Center as showing in below image. 

5. Once you click on Help Center it will redirect you on Google AdSense help center where you are able to find all required info to configure Google AdSense account. Here you will see a Red color notification highlighted by Google AdSense that is why no one is able to submit blog/website for AdSense approval. 

As per notification Due to COVID-19 AdSense restructuring their team to review application it will take time as you know they ate getting n number of application on daily basis till the time you can grow your blog write blog post with solid content once they will back take approval and start earnings from your blog.

Please let me know in comment section if you are facing any issue in your Blog, YouTube Channel or in your AdSense account i will help you fix your issue...thanks.!

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