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Hello Friends .! Many of my YouTuber friends complaining that subscriber count for there YouTube channel is not increasing. Means subscribers for YouTube channel is very low. Main questions from YouTuber friends is How to increase YouTube Subscribe count? Best Trick to Increase YouTube Subscriber Count.

In answer i try to give them all tricks to increase there YouTube channel subscribe count. Even i have created many YouTube Videos to increase YouTube Subscriber count or to increase YouTube watch time. But one of the most important trick is to increase YouTube Subscriber is to create a magic link.

                 Increase YouTube Subscriber Count Follow Below Steps

Step 1: Fist of all get your YouTube Channel link/URL not matter if it is custom URL of default URL Go to Channel settings > Click on advanced settings > Copy custom link as showing in below image.

Step 2: If you are YouTube channel is very new copy YouTube channel link as showing in below image. (This step is for new YouTubers who don't have custom URL)

Step 3: Paste that copied URL in a notepad and paste below given query above custom URL and copy final URL which we need as showing in below screenshot.

 Step 4: Now open your Channel > Click on Customize Channel as showing in below screenshot.

Step 5: Click on about section as showing in below screenshot.

Step 6: Scroll down in the last and click on edit button as showing in below screenshot.

Step 7: Paste here full link which you copied with query and type a message as i type here " Subscribe us for Free" and click on save button as showing below image.
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Step 8: That' Now you can share this link on your social media platform to get some open this URL they will get a POP-UP window as showing in below image with highlighted subscribe button. With the help of this button & POP-UP window its easy to get more subscriber. 

 As result of this trick i helped a lot of my subscribers, You can also implement this free of cost trick on your YouTube channel you will definitely see a improvement into your subscriber count. If you are facing any kind of issue while this please comment in under comment section i'll help you out or Join our WhatsApp or Telegram Group.

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