How to Verify Address Using Government ID Like Aadhar Card or Passport on Google AdSense?

Hello Friends, In this article i am going to show you step by step how to verify Google AdSense address using Government approved ID card like Aadhar Card, International Passport etc. How to Verify Address Using Government ID Like Aadhar Card or Passport on Google AdSense?

Many AdSense account holders are not getting there PIN even after 4 weeks from applying date. After 3 attempts if you are not getting PIN at your mailing address. You will get a option to verify your address with Government approved ID card like Aadhar Card or with your international Passport. 

Aadhar Card is 12 digit identification number provided by unique identification authority on behalf of Indian Government. This identification number can use as proof of address and identity in anywhere in India. We can use same ID to verify our address on Google AdSense. Even i personally didn't get my PIN and i verify my address with the help of Aadhar card.   

Best Way to Verify Your Address Using Aadhar Card or Using Government Approved ID Crad.

Before starting the whole process make sure you have a scanned copy of you Aadhar card with front and back side also make sure the quality of scanned doc should be good. You can use mobile app like CamScanner to scan Aadhar card and save a .pdf file in you local mobile/computer. 

Follow Below Steps:

  1. Login to your Google AdSense account with your login credentials.
  2. Go to left side select Account with gear icon.
  3. Go to ID verification section.
  4. Select option to verify address using Govt Approved ID instead of PIN.
  5. Fill all required details as showing in below image.
  6.  Upload you Govt. approved ID Aadhar card and submit it.

After this whole process you only need to wait for 30 mins for reply from Google AdSense team. This process never takes more then 30 mins to verify your address.

I understand verify address on Google AdSense is very painful process. Because number of AdSense users not getting PIN on time. So they need to follow this whole process to verify address. Please share this article with your friends who need to know this process.
If you are facing any issue belongs to YouTube, Google AdSense, Blog please write down in comment section we will try to help you out.  

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