How to Verify Address in Google AdSene with PIN? Step by Step Tutorial.

In this article i am going to brief you, How to Verify Address in Google AdSene with PIN? There are couple of things that you need to be focus before Applying AdSense PIN. When and How you will apply Google AdSense PIN? 

Now First question is that when we are able to get PIN: Once you earned first 10$ in your Google AdSense main balance, as per google it will take 3-4 weeks to get delivered to mailing address through speed post depends upon mailing address. If anyone enter PIN after 4 month in his/her account ads will stop showing.


Some important things to know about:
  • Once you reach $10 verification balance in your AdSense account you will get a chance to get PIN to verify your mailing address.
  • PIN should take max 4 weeks to reach at your mailing address, It should depending on your location to reach.
  • If you did not receive your PIN after 4 weeks you should need to request PIN again you will receive a date to apply PIN again.
 How to Request New Google AdSense PIN:
  • First of all Login to your Google AdSense account. 
  • Click on Account tab with Gear icon in left side bar. 
  • Under drop down select Account Information as showing in below image.


  • Click on link to verify address.
  • Request for new Google AdSense PIN from the bottom of this page.
Thing to Remember : All copies of Google AdSense PIN is the copy of same PIN which you applied at very first time. Even if you got first copy of PIN after applying again you can use to verify it will work.
Usually Happen with All AdSense Users: If you are living in remote area of your country you will face many difficulties to receive your mails/letters. Same will happen if you apply for Google AdSense PIN many of my subscriber face same kind of issue even they are looking alternative ways to verify address in Google AdSense.
According to Google AdSense:  One user can apply AdSense PIN for 3 times for verification address. If you already requested PIN for 3 times and you haven't receive PIN after/within 4 weeks after your last request, The you have a easy and good option to upload your Government provided ID card. For Indian you can use your Aadhar Card to verify your address in Google AdSense. Only thing that you to remember is your Aadhar card is with same name which is in your Google AdSense account. 
If you belongs to other countries you can use your Government Approved ID cards like; Bank statements, Electricity bills, Your passports etc. 

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