How Do I Count My YouTube Earnings?

Hello Friends. Every YouTuber want to know what approximately earning he will get into his main balance on every month. I just want to let you know AdSense update main balance from 11th - 14th date on every month. I am going to show you how you will come to know you’re earning on every month. How Do I Count My YouTube Earnings?

Step 1: First of all you have to login into your Google AdSense account, AdSense dashboard really show you like same as showing in below image.

Step 2: In dashboard you are able to see Performance (It’s your YouTube Channel performance). From drop down option below to performance you can see your today's performance, yesterday, last 7 days, last 28 days and last 3 months performance. As showing in below image.

Step3:  Now our main motive is to check our last 28 days earning so now we will calculate it. Now please select last 28 days vs previous last 28 days from performance drop down you will get the data like Clicks, CPC(Cost per click), Page Views etc. as showing in below image. 

Step 4: Now to calculate our last 28 days earning and the formula to get earning is Click*CPC=Earning. So now we have to multiply Clicks with CPC to get our earning. As my Clicks are 1.5K and CPC is $0.02 and i am going to multiply 1500*0.02= 30 and my earning is 30$. So here very simple method to get your earnings easily. 

Note: You have to calculate you’re earning near about 10th of every month and you will get your correct earnings.

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