Earning at Risk - You Need to Fix Some Ads.txt file Issue Step by Step Guide

In this article i am going to show you how to resolve Earning at Risk - You Need to Fix Some Ads.txt file Issue to avoid severe impact to your revenue? If someone is searching for how to add ads.txt file in blog? this article will help with step by step tutorial with screen shots.

Lets start with the topic when you suddenly see a notification "Earning at Risk - You Need to Fix Some Ads.txt file Issue to avoid severe impact to your revenue " as showing in image. No need to feel irritation as here is solutions. Surely if we are not going to fix this issue it will hamper our revenue and we can not able to see our daily earning in Google AdSense account or it may cause our ads will not show in our blog. So follow below steps to fix this.

  1. Click on Fix Now blue color link in front of this notification as showing in below image.
    2. Now you will see a option to download ads.txt file, Also you will get a link to open guidelines to upload ads.txt file in different-different platform like: Blogger, Wordpress or cPannel etc.
     3. Now click on Download blue color link to download ads.txt file and save it on your local laptop/desktop as showing in below image. Note:- Do not edit anything after opening ads.txt file, all required info is in ads.txt file.
    4. Once you download ads.txt and open file it looks like as showing in below image. It includes your AdSense Publisher ID and a code. Copy everything which is mention in ads.txt file.
  5. After copy everything login to your Blogger account in Left bar menu click on settings > Search Preferences > in the last Monetization section > Enable custom ads.txt content > Select Yes paste all mentioned code in given cube area as mentioned in below image click on save changes.

That's it.! After click on save button you will see in couple of hours notification will be automatically invisible and your revenue will never impact after doing this.

 If you are facing any problem doing this please let me know in comment section.

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  1. Hi bro,
    I have added the add.txt file to my blogger account but still the error is showing.
    how to solve this please help me?
    my email is shreeompoddar100@gmail.com

    my website is https://medicotablets.blogspot.com/


    1. Hello Shreeom I understand your point, If you added add.txt file in your blogger account error will automatically disappear from your blogger in 1 month. So don't very my error also disappear after 1 month.