How to Find Trending Topics or Keywords to Make Blog Viral

Couple of years ago it is very difficult to find best trending topics for your article but in now days with the help of internet it is very easy to find awesome trending topics for your blog now i am going to introduce you 5 Best Source to Find Trending Topics and Keywords for Your Blog it will help you to make your blog viral.How to Find Trending Topics or Keywords to Make Blog Viral

For every blogger who start his own blog his basic need is to find trending topics and keywords to make his new blog post and to make blog viral. So i am going to introduce 5 best Source to Find Trending Topics and Keywords for Your Blog it can help you to get Organic Traffic, Quality Traffic & it can also help you to rank your blog or blog post.

Google Trends is the best and user friendly way to pick a topic which is in trending. Even i am using Google Trends to find a prefect trending topic for my blog

You can easily search topics which belongs to your blog even you can select country wise trending topics and easily you can choose category like Finance, Entertainment, Sports & Health. Even you can check trending topics like daily search wise, real time search or even you can check past history of search for certain topics. Means Google Trends gives you every possible way to search a trending topics for your blog. 

As example you can search your topics by selecting certain country, your state, your city and you will get your local trending topics which helps you to get genuine targeted traffic.
Quora is best community to find number of trending topics after Google Trends i personally use Quora. Quora is a best place to get huge number of traffic on your blog. Easily you can find top stories in every category on quora. Easily you can find topic or keyword belongs to your blog. 

Even you can create a account on Quora and make habit to give answer to people who ask question belongs to your  topic or blog in answer you can give your blog link to redirect traffic on your blog. I am redirecting good amount of traffic on my blog or on my YouTube Channel.
Twitter is a good place to get trending topics on Twitter's homepage. I daily in the starting of the morning use twitter to get trending topics. Twitter post your country's trending topics on homepage to get public attention on Political, Entertainment Cultural topics so we can get trending topics belongs to your blog easily. 
Facebook is a most usable social media platform worldwide. You can find most trending topics which belongs to your blog or keywords. I am personally using Facebook to find most trending posts and topics and with my skill i try to write that trending topics on my blog. 

Even i am using Facebook to generate traffic on my blog from Facebook i am getting 80% of whole traffic. If you are a blogger you should have a habit to use Facebook search trending topics and write down with your own skills on your blog.

I advise you to must use these platform while searching new topics for your blog. You will defiantly get more leads and conversions. I hope this article will help you to search new topics for your blog.   

I would love to learn from your experience please try to add your suggestions and opinion in comment section below.  

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