How to Fix $0.00 CPC showing in AdSense ? A to Z Step by Step Solution

Many of subscribers or friends asking question that in his/her AdSense showing $0.00 CPC (Cost Per Click) and how to fix that? 

I have a solution for that from daily performance we are able to check today so far, yesterday vs same day last week, last 7 days vs previous 7 days, last 28 days vs previous 28 days and last 3 months vs previous 3 month performance. 

Our channel's performance we are able to check form YT Studio. Everyone is aware about YT Studio (Mobile App or Web). In YT Studio >> in left menu bar click on  Analytics.

Channel Analytics is more wast and have more features as compare to AdSense, From channel analytics we are able to check overview of channel, views, watch time, subscribers, reach, engagement, audience retention and revenue. From revenue we can check our channel performance ass showing in below image.

From top right side you can select your desired time period to check your channel performance in revenue from here you can get exactly earning idea which you are going to get in this selected time period. From this option you can select last 7 days, last month even you can select custom time period as showing in below image.

As showing in below image from here you are able to check your month wise earning which you get into your adsense account and you can check your top earning videos once you click on see more option you can check you all video and you can get idea which video is earning good for you.

That's it.! Don't be in tension if your adsense showing $0.00 CPC you can check your earning from YT Studio>>Analytics. Hop you like this article, Please let me know in case of you are facing any issue with YouTube Channel, AdSense and Blogger.

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