How Do I Edit My Bank Details in Google AdSense ?

How Do I Edit My Bank Details in Google AdSense ? This question is regularly asked to me by my subscribers and answer is yes. We can edit our bank details in Google AdSense but not directly. What we have to do is please see below step by step proper guide with screenshots. 

Step 1: Open Google AdSense click on three lines on top left side as showing in below image after that click on Payments.

Step 2:  Now you are in Payment section and here you are able to see your current threshold status, your earnings, your month wise transactions & how you get paid option under how you get paid option click on manage payment methods as showing in below image.

Step 3: Now you are in Add a Payment Method section now you have to put here all details as mentioned in below image and in the last option πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ make Sure to Check on Set as Primary Payment Method ans click on save.

  • Beneficiary ID (Optional)  : Leave it blank
  • Name on bank Account    : Type here you Name which is in your bank account passbook
  • Bank Name                         : Type here your bank name Like : HDFC, SBI, ICIC etc
  • IFSC Code                           : IFSC Code you will get it in your bank home branch 
  • Swift BIC                             : Swift BIC  you will get it in your bank home branch
  • Account Number                : Your bank Account number 
  • Re-Type Account Number   : Re-Type your bank account number
  • Intermediary bank name (optional) : Leave it Blank
  • Intermediary SWIFT-BIC (optional) :  Leave it Blank 

 That's it.! Now this bank account will be your primary bank account in your Google AdSense account and you will receive coming payment into your this account. Hope you like this post please share it with all needy persons also please subscribe our news letter to get all post directly into your inbox.

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