Facebook Blocked My Website URL How We Can Unblock it? Step by Step Guide With Screenshot

Facebook Blocked My Website/URL i guess every blogger who is new in blogging will face this issue in once in his/her blogging career. Because every blogger use Facebook as free traffic source to share blog post and traffic. Facebook is very user friendly and easy to turn your Facebook followers into your blog viewers. Now question is that why Facebook block website/blog URL ?

As per Facebook community standard/guidelines we are not able to share our single URL/Link more then 12-15 times. Once face see that this single URL/Link shared more then 15 times Facebook block that URL/Link. Now Question is that who we can unblock it?

Recently i am getting good traffic from Facebook and one day i am trying to post on blog on Facebook and suddenly getting error "You Can't Share This Link" (as showing in below image). 

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Step1: To unblock it click on "Let Us Know" blue color option in error screenshot as showing in below image.

Step2: Once you click on "let us know" you will redirect on Facebook help center where we have mention our comment why Facebook have to unblock your website/blog URL/link. I have created a very clear appeal you just need to copy and paste it into give box and click on send as showing in below image.

Copy this and paste in into given box you just mention your website address in place www.yourwebsite.com before clicking on send.

Hi Facebook Team!
I'm Glad to Know that your team takes
action against Spam, Malware, Recently I have
Seen that My Link: https://www.yourwebsite.com
has blocked I don't go against your community guidelines or security policies.
Please Unblock My Website.
Thank You Facebook Team! 

Once you click on send button you will get a message "Thanks for Providing Feedback about this Experience" as showing in below image. That's it you will receive a message from Facebook after 24 to 48 hours and they will unblock your website/blog URL/Link.

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Read This :- How to Start a Blog on Blogger? - A to Z Step by Step Guide 


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    1. + Sarthi MP Online Kiosk Chhindwara MP Thanks for your comment here :-)

  2. I have sent 100 messages to facebook still no reply from them.

    1. +Mozibor Rahman i under your issue same thing happen with me as well. what i have done is i purchased new domain name and forwarded new domain to my blog and everything is working fine..i'll create a blog on that and share with you