Adsense Payment Threshold is Reached 100$ Now what to do?

Hello Friends in this article i am going to explain you if your Adsense Payment Threshold is Reached 100$ then what steps you have to follow to with draw your earnings.

once you see your main balance is meat with threshold means once your main balance is 100$ you will get a notification top of the AdSense dashboard as shown in below image. 

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Once you click on action you will be redirect on payment page where you are able to see your threshold,payment method or your adsense month wise transactions. same as shown in below image.

Now you have to pay attention on "How you get paid" right side bottom and click on manage payment methods same as show in below image.


In payment method you are able to see your payment method/bank account details which you already added if not you just add new bank account details by clicking on add payment method as shown in below image. 


Once you click on add payment method you will option to add new bank details. Now here you have to pay more attention while adding bank details. as mentioned below.

  • Beneficiary ID (Optional)  : Leave it blank
  • Name on bank Account    : Type here you Name which is in your bank account passbook
  • Bank Name                         : Type here your bank name Like : HDFC, SBI, ICIC etc
  • IFSC Code                           : IFSC Code you will get it in your bank home branch 
  • Swift BIC                             : Swift BIC  you will get it in your bank home branch
  • Account Number                : Your bank Account number 
  • Re-Type Account Number   : Re-Type your bank account number
  • Intermediary bank name (optional) : Leave it Blank
  • Intermediary SWIFT-BIC (optional) :  Leave it Blank 
Note :  Must check on set as primary payment method & save it as shown in below image.

That,s it.! Now you are all set to get your earning in your AdSense main balance every month 11th - 14th date and also you will get transaction into your bank account on every month on 21st-26th if your threshold is reached. If you are facing any issue please comment below I'll 100% help you to fix your issue as soon as possible.


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  1. Hello bro.. Mera abhi threshold pura hua h 11 ko or mene aaj 12 ko payment method add kr chuka hu... Kya meri bank m 22-23 tak pese aajaege?

    1. +DEEPESH SAINI Yes bro agar apka threshold matlab 100$ complete ho gya hai to apko is month 21-24 Dec tkk apke bank account main apki earning a jayegee....Thanks for your comment here :-)

  2. help pls do i need to have the 3 payment method answered? what if i dont have yet bank accout?

  3. You only need to add one payment method for this you only need one bank account....if you don't have bank account you can add your Mom, Dad or Brother's bank account number and you will get your earning on that account...Please let me know if you have any other is video for you check it out:

  4. Do you have to contact your bank to tell anything about this? Please tell. Thanks.

    1. +SRC no need tell anything to bank about this, if they are not blocking your amount in bank...Thanks for your comment:-)

  5. Well written article . Very helpful